Friday, June 17, 2016

North Wales Part 7: Caernarfon (Again)

Hello everyone! We're back with another blog post... About Caernarfon! We loved this town so much that we knew we had to go back on Tuesday. We first went to meet up with our tour guide from last week, Emrys, for lunch, at a restaurant called Blas. Just so you know, Blas means taste in Welsh. Anyhow, we met up with Emrys mainly so that he could help us with our Welsh pronunciation and maybe learn a few words. He helped a lot. In addition to that, we also had an incredible lunch. I had a Ploughman's Lunch, which traditionally consists of bread, butter, cheese, ham, pickle, and ale, but I passed on that. My Dad said it was the best restaurant and meal we've had in Wales, and we'd have to agree. 
After lunch we went into Caernarfon castle, which we didn't get to go in last time. I was very impressed, and we probably would've stayed for a lot longer. A cool thing we did was go up to the top of the Eagle Tower, the highest point of the castle. Then we went into the museum about The Royal Welch Fusiliers. They were an infantry regiment in the Prince of Wales Division of the British army. Matthew wasn't too interested, so him and Dad left a little ways through the museum. Mom and I found it fascinating, and we took so long that they had to kick us out when we were only a third of the way through because the castle was closing. After that, it was raining very hard, so we tried and failed to find a cafe, so we got in the car for a drive. We bought a few sweets and just drove around for a bit until 6:30, when we could visit Auntie Gwenyth again. It was very nice to see her again. After that, we went out for a quick dinner then went back home. Our second trip to Caernarfon was excellent! Thanks for reading!


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