Sunday, June 26, 2016


Hi everyone! We're back with another blog post. After our long drive from Conwy, we finally arrived in a town called Aldershot, where Granddad Tom and Davina live. We went out to Nando's with them for dinner. It was very nice to see and go out to eat with them. Afterwards we drove to our hotel and went to sleep.
In the morning, Nan and Bob met up with us for breakfast at the Premier Inn we were staying in. After that, we headed straight to London. We were soon there, and we parked in Islington to see Sharon, a family friend. We went to Wahaca, a restaurant that serves Mexican street food tapas. It was great to see Sharon and the food was great too. After that, we drove to the hotel. We relaxed for a bit, then went to a playground by the London Eye to meet up with our friends, the Keelings. We played for a bit, then walked to Covent Garden to find a restaurant for dinner. Eventually we found a decent Italian restaurant. We soon parted ways, but it was fantastic to see our friends.
The next morning, Sunday, we got an early start, as we had plenty to do. Dad dropped us and Mom off at King's Cross, because we were headed to Welwyn, and Dad took the car back to the rental car company. We hopped on the train about an hour later, and soon arrived at the Welwyn train station. We walked to Auntie Tracy's house, and met her about half way. We were soon at her house, and some of the first things we HAD to do immediately was make a cup'o'tea (A.K.A Amber Nectar), as well as her knifing us. Now you may be thinking OMG, are you still alive, what is that? Trust me we are alright, but it is as dangerous as it sounds. According to the Feldmann Dictionary; Knifing: a method of measuring height against a wall by wielding a sharp and big knife by the measurer, then sliding it along the victim's head to place a mark in the wall at their height. Eg. The scariest experience of my life was when Auntie Tracy knifed me last week. After that, a cup o', chatting, and a small gift exchange, the 4 of us hopped in Auntie's Electric Blue Mini and headed into the Garden City. We toodled around for a bit then drove to lunch. We ate at The Plume of Feathers for the second time this trip, and we met up with Max there. I had steak and chips, which was incredible. After lunch, we had to part ways with Auntie Tracy, which was very very sad. We took a train back to King's Cross.
Once our train arrived, we met up with our Dad and went for a nice Father's Day dinner at a trending Indian restaurant. The food was spicy, but so flavorful and we all loved it. It was a delicious lunch in a lovely restaurant. Afterwards, we went back to the hotel to play Uno and pack for Paris. We had a calm, relaxing evening. The next morning we got up, got ready, and got on a...
See you next time!

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