Friday, June 3, 2016

A New Adventure

    Hey everyone! We're back in Europe again and excited to continue our blog over the next month. Our journey started on Monday night at the Charlotte Airport. Our plane journey was smooth with excellent food, but the major problem was that our TV screens were broken. When we landed in Heathrow Tuesday morning, we were all exhausted, so we didn't do much. We went to Welwyn Garden City, near where we used to live, to run a few errands. We ate lunch at the Plume of Feathers, one of our favorite pubs, but sadly they were out of sausages, so no bangers and mash for us. In the afternoon we all had long naps, then went out for a delicious Indian dinner with our grandparents, Nan and Bob, and our friend Max. After that we were exhausted and went straight to sleep.
    This morning we woke up, got ready, and ate breakfast downstairs in our hotel. Soon after we hopped on a train to King's Cross, where we took the tube to South Kensington, on the west side of London.
From there we walked to the Victoria and Albert Museum, the world's largest museum of decorative arts and design.
Inside we saw art ranging from Renaissance to Modern Architecture, sculptures to glasswork, and from places like England to the Middle East. These are a few of our favorites:
-glasswork by Dale Chihuly
-a statue of a healthy man
- a sculpture by our favorite Baroque artist, Bernini
-Matthew's new twin, a cow
-plenty of guns
-architectural models
-and finally, the Great Bed of Ware

After the V&A Museum, we ate a quick lunch at Pret. Teddy had the best cheese and pickle sandwich of his life, and Matthew had egg. We continued walking and we went in Harrod's , a humongous store that sells anything imaginable. Teddy could spend all day in there, but we had to limit ourselves to a short amount of time. After that we split up. We went with Dad to the Science Museum, while Mum went to the Courtauld art gallery. In the Science Museum, we saw huge steam engines, and could see them moving. Some of the areas reminded us a lot of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, with the planes and spacecraft. Also in the museum, we saw an IMAX film, called Under the Sea. In the gift shop we saw this funny T-shirt and card.
After our brief visit in the Science Museum, we hopped on the tube, packed in rush hour, a few stops to Covent Garden. Right near Covent Garden is a 218 year old restaurant called Rules, where we ate dinner. The interior is lavishly decorated and very formal. Teddy, Matthew, and Mummy were very adventurous, having Duck, Pigeon, and Lamb. Father on the other side stuck with a chicken pie. After an incredibly delicious and rich dinner we were all full, and we cabbed back to King's Cross. From there, we took the train back to Stevenage, and we're now relaxing in our hotel. Our first few days have been EXCELLENT, and we're looking forward to what is to come!

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  1. Matthew, that all sounds like a fabulous week so far! I think I would have joined your Dad with the chicken pie. Although, I did have a great lamb dinner in Rules many years ago, but I was not there for the grand opening! Miss you and love you all. Have fun!