Thursday, June 9, 2016

North Wales Part 3: Caernarfon

Hey everyone! We're back, and excited for another post. Yesterday, Wednesday, we headed over to Caernarfon. We had a fairly rushed morning, as we had to be there to meet Nan and Bob at 11:00! We met them in a nice little bookshop, before walking to a cafe with a view of the castle for a drink. This castle, like Conwy, was built by King Edward I, and construction began in 1283, by replacing the original motte-and-bailey castle. After a nice relaxing drink, it was time for lunch, we looked down a popular street with the bookshop we went in earlier on it, and we found a nice pizza restaurant. I had an incredible cheese and pickle sandwich, and everyone else got pizza. It was all super delicious! After lunch we walked around until 2:00, when our walking tour started.

We (our family and Nan &Bob) were the only people on the tour, which made it very fun. Our tour guides name was Emris, a local who'd lived in Caernarfon his whole life. He took us on the tour by the city walls, the many gates, and a few important buildings. Here are a few things I found interesting. Pubs are called so from the name public house. Property is cheap. Somebody bought the huge old Court House for only £100,000! And finally, the prison is haunted by the last guy to die there, in 1910. After the one and a half hour walking tour, we went down to the pub by the sea, with an amazing view, but to my Dad's disappointment, no Welsh beer. After 2 rounds of drinks, we headed to a very very very old pub called The Black Boy, which has been around since 1522. Matthew and I had veggie burgers, my parents and Bob had traditional pies, and Nan had ribs. Everything was delicious and amazing!

After dinner, we went to visit Auntie Gwineth, our

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