Monday, June 13, 2016

North Wales Part 4: Conwy

   Hey everyone! We've been spending some more time in North Wales, and we love it. Last Thursday we went for a hike up Conwy mountain, relaxed in our cottage after our hike.
   On Friday, we spent some time walking and touring places in Conwy, the town where our cottage is. The first place we visited was Conwy Castle. The castle was built by Edward I of England and it was finished in 1289. It cost Edward £15,000, but that much money back then is equal to £45,000,000 today. Below is a picture of the front of the castle. You can see the many towers of the castle, which we went up.  
   While we were at the castle, we saw the many ruins of it. It's amazing that the castle survived the siege of Madog ap Llewelwyn, and being held under the rule of Owain Glyndwr. 
    After we were done with the castle, we went to an old Elizebethian townhouse  called Plas Mawr. Finished in 1585, it was built for Robert Wynn. We took an excellent audio tour of the house, learning about the ornate decorations and rooms of the house. An interesting fact about Plas Mawr is that it had a simple doorway as an entry, until Robert Wynn built his own gatehouse at the front. Below is a picture of the house taken from the gardens,
   Overall, we'd say Conwy and North Wales is EXCELLENT!

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