Monday, June 6, 2016

Matt&Ted and the Chocolate Factory

Good morning everyone! We're back with another exciting blog post sure to make your mouth water. After a fabulous time in London, as we've posted previously, we were enthusiastic about continuing our travels. Thursday morning we were up as early as the birds, heading up north to Cadbury World. Yes, you heard me right, Cadbury World. The drive was nearly 2 hours, but Matthew and I slept, so it didn't feel too long. We arrived at Cadbury World just before 9:00, the opening time,and we were some of the first people to enter the exhibition. The first part was about the discovery of chocolate and how it was brought to Europe. The next part was about the beginning of Cadbury. Even in the beginning, everyone loved Cadbury's chocolate, even the doctors. There were numerous health articles about the benefits of eating chocolate, especially Cadbury! Next we watched a video about how chocolate is made, and then finally what we all have been waiting for, a glimpse inside the factory! We weren't actually allowed inside the factory, but we were able to walk around the outside in a walkway, and view through special windows. We saw many different processes including mixing, packaging, and quality control, the job I'm after. Every 20 minutes a bar is pulled off the line to be weighed, measured, and finally eaten, to make sure everything is going well. Did you know that there are 2 byproducts of the cocoa bean, cocoa essence, and cocoa butter. Cadbury chocolate is so creamy because of the high cocoa butter and milk content. Afterwards, we went in the giant chocolate shop, where we bought enough chocolate to last us a few d... Oops, I mean a lifetime. Before we go here's one last incredible fact; Roald Dahl used to work at Cadbury. What do you think that gave him the inspiration for? Cadbury World was excellent! Stay tuned!

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