Monday, June 6, 2016


  Hey everyone! A couple days ago we were in Manchester, and we're really excited to tell you about our stay there. 
   The night we got there, we took a walk up to the end of Salford Quays. On our walk, it smelled pretty bad. We thought it was because of the bird poop, but when we looked across the canal we saw Old Trafford, the stadium of Manchester United, one of Arsenal's arch rivals. At the end of Salford Quays, we saw the Lowry Museum. The Lowry is an art museum, which you can probably tell houses a lot of L.S. Lowry paintings. The Lowry does also have a theater where can go see shows, but we didn't do that. You'll hear about this later. After taking some pictures and deciding what to do for dinner, we had an excellent dinner at Pizza Express. Teddy wasn't feeling too well after dinner, Teddy went back to the hotel while Matthew went to the hotel bar for some pudding. 
   The next day we slept in, and went to the Lowry for a bit. We looked at some interesting paintings by L.S. Lowry. Lowry is famous for his paintings of industrial scenes of Northwest England. After some time in the Lowry, we walked across to the other side of Salford Quays to see the Imperial War Museum. The IWM housed many artifacts from the two world wars, and told us a lot of history about them. The IWM was created to record the history and sacrifice of Britain in WWI.  It later expanded to collect artifacts and record history for all wars with British involvement. A cool fact we learned there was that the British had a system of blimps and balloons in the sky so the Germans couldn't get close enough to bomb important buildings accurately.
   After the Imperial War Museum, we went back to the Lowry for a tour of the galleries with Lowry's paintings. The most interesting painting we saw was a painting called Going to the Match. It is of people walking towards a football stadium, almost at kickoff. Lowry also added an industrial mill to the painting. Did you know that Lowry started to make  a good bit of money after he started painting industrial mills? 
    After the Lowry, we had an excellent lunch at Nandos. After, we drove off to Conwy, Wales. Overall, we'd say Manchester was EXCELLENT!


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