Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Portsmouth, Southampton, and Winchester

Hey everyone! We took a trip to Portsmouth, Southampton, and Winchester, and we're really excited to tell you about it. First we went to Portsmouth, a city on the Southern coast of England. There, we went up the Emirates Spinnaker Tower. The Spinnaker is 560 feet tall, and it is designed after a boat sail, which is supposed to reflect Portsmouth's maritime history. The structure of the Spinnaker is similar to the structure of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.
In the Spinnaker Tower, we went on the glass floor on the first observation deck. The glass floor is the largest in Europe! It's 328 feet of the ground. We got great 350 degree views of Portsmouth. On the top observation deck, there was only a wire mesh roof! So it was extremely windy. Below is the view down on the glass floor.
That night, we went to a restaurant in Southampton. The type of restaurant was a tapas Thai. You may be wondering what the picture is of below, but they are crickets. And yes, we did eat them. But they were grilled and spiced. The crickets were delicious.
The next day, we went to Winchester, and it's excellent cathedral. Winchester Cathedral is one of the largest cathedrals in England, having the longest nave and being the largest Gothic cathedral in England. In the cathedral we went on a tour of the crypt. There is a statue in the crypt by Antony Gormley of a person looking down. Antony Gormley also designed the Angel of the North, which is a large sculpture on the side of the motorway going to Northern England. Usually the crypt floods in the winter, and water goes up to the statues knees. Also, did you know that there are no tombs in the crypt because it floods?
Overall, we'd say Portsmouth, Southampton, and Winchester were EXCELLENT!

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