Friday, January 8, 2016


Hey everyone! We just got back from an excellent trip to Edinburgh and we're so excited to tell you about it! At New Year, Edinburgh holds a three day event called Hogmanay. Hogmanay is the Scottish word for the last day of the year. We participated in an event of Hogmanay that was a torchlight procession, where people sign up to process through the streets with a real torch in hand. It was so fun! Below you can see people with torches, at the end.
On our second day in Edinburgh we took an excellent bus tour, and learned about this statue of a dog called Greyfriars Bobby. There's a controversy now over it because one blogger wrote that if you rub the dog's nose, you would have good luck. The dog is hollow, so anytime someone rubs the dog's nose, it could collapse. We're doing the exact opposite of what the blogger did by telling you that rubbing the dog's nose does nothing!
The same day we took the bus tour, we went to Edinburgh's magnificent castle. The castle was built in 12th century AD, and people have lived on Castle Rock since 9th century BC. Edinburgh Castle has the Scottish Crown Jewels, and the oldest standing building in Scotland, St. Margaret's Chapel. The Castle holds the giant cannon, Mons Meg, which was built in 1449. The cannon fires cannonballs three times the size of your head, for up to two miles.
On New Years Eve, we planned on staying up to midnight. We did, and we got to go to see the excellent fireworks display. It was amazing.
All in all, we'd say that Edinburgh was EXCELLENT!

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