Friday, October 2, 2015

South Shields and Durham

Hello everyone! We have been to some more exciting places that we can't wait to tell you about! Recently we went to a town called South Shields, where my mum grew up. We had some amazing fresh fish and chips at a restaurant called Colmans. The fish was sssoooo good. We also went to a really fun play park. Did you know that South Shields was the place where the first lifeboat was built and used in the late 1700's?
The next day we went to Durham, to see Durham Cathedral. (below) The present cathedral dates back to Norman times and was founded in 1093. Durham cathedral is home to the shrine of St. Cuthbert, as well as his final resting place. St. Cuthbert is one of the most important medieval saints of Northern England.
While we were at Durham Cathedral, we climbed 325 steps up the center tower! From the top you had a great view of all of Durham, as well as the top of the cathedral. This picture is of the main entrance to the cathedral as seen from the tower we were on.
As well as climbing the tower, we also participated in a fundraiser at Durham Cathedral. The fundraiser where you could pay one pound for a lego brick, to help complete this model of Durham Cathedral. In my opinion it's a brilliant idea.
We had an excellent time at South Shields and Durham Cathedral!

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