Friday, October 23, 2015


Hello everyone! Last weekend we had an awesome time with our English grandparents, Nan and Bob, to go see Brooklands. Brooklands is a dirt racetrack that was very popular and used often in the 1920's and 1930's, and also an aircraft manufacturing center. The car below was called the Napier Railton, and it used an airplane engine, and broke many speed records between 1933 and 1937. 
The place we spent the most time at in Brooklands was seeing Concorde. Concorde was a super fast, slender airplane that could go over twice the speed of sound. Sadly they were discontinued in the early 2000's because of accidents and lack of interest by companies. We got to go inside it and watch a video about what it would be like to ride in it. It is an incredible piece of engineering.
 We also went into a hangar, where airplanes are stored, and we saw lots of old military aircraft. We got to sit inside a Harrier Jump Jet, one of the only planes that can manage a vertical take off. This is a picture of a plane that crashed in a lake and was then recovered and restored. That is pretty impressive. 
 The last thing we did was look in the car museum. Some of the cars were almost 100 years old! This one was my favorite. We also saw lots of bicycles, some from the 1800's. They were so big, I have no idea how people got on them! It was so cool to see the old racing cars, some of which have broken land speed records!
We'd say Brooklands was excellent!

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