Friday, July 8, 2016

Back Home

Hello! We're back with another sky high fast moving blog post for you.

After an exciting week in Paris we were all looking forward to our journey back to London on the Eurostar. After an early start and a while packing everyone was eager to get some food in their bellies. We found a café right across from Gare du Nord, our train station. We all ordered what we call a Full French (like a Full English), which consists of a croissant, baguette, jam, butter, orange juice, and a hot drink. It was delicious! We had to wait a while for our train, as the previous one was running late. Once we were on the ride went fairly smooth. We were an hour late getting in to London St. Pancras because there were migrants on the tracks near the chunnel, so we had to wait for the police to arrive!

Once in London, everything was fine. We quickly dropped our luggage off at our hotel, The Premier Inn, then went right back to St. Pancras to get another train to Olympic Park. We had never been to Olympic Park, but have heard so much about it, so we were all very enthusiastic about this excursion. But it wasn't something from four years ago that we came to see, it was something kind've brand new, the Orbit Slide. Some of you may have seen pictures or videos of the Orbit, but it is so much larger in real life. This slide is the tallest and longest tube slide in the world. At first, we were all very scared, my mom especially, but once we finished it we all would do it again. This slide was more fun than ANY roller coaster I have ever done, and that is saying something. Here is a link to their website with some amazing pictures and where to book tickets if your going:  I would highly recommend it. After that we walked down the Orbit (we took an elevator up), and went to a playground. We were all soon tired so we had lunch and took a train back to our hotel. We got back just in time for the Iceland game, where they beat England!

The next morning, everyone was very sad because today was the day we would be going home. In the morning, we went to Pret a Manger for breakfast, then spent a while ensuring everything was packed. We called an Uber to take us to the airport, and surprisingly traffic wasn't too bad. At the airport we said our goodbyes to the "fresh" air of England, and hung out for a while. Before we knew it we were on our plane and coming home to America. We had an excellent trip and we can't wait for the next one!


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