Friday, December 4, 2015

The Lord Mayor's Parade

Hey everyone!On one of our many trips to London, we saw the Lord Mayor's Parade. The Lord Mayor's Parade is the Lord Mayor making his way up north of the River Thames, to swear his oath to the crown. This began in 1215 when King John let London choose its own mayor, but every year the mayor has to travel north of the Thames to swear his oath to the crown. It has grown so popular to see, it has turned into a parade. Below is a picture of some London guards, playing in a marching band.  

In the picture below, you can see the Lord Mayor's Carriage, and you might be able to see the Lord Mayor, popping his head out. You can also see the pikemen who guard the carriage. The carriage of the Lord Mayor is about 350 years old. In the parade, we saw many floats, marching bands, and policemen. This year, 2015, is very special because it is the 800th anniversary for the Lord Mayor's Parade.

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After the parade and a delicious lunch, we went up to the Museum of London. The London museum had many things about the history of London, especially Roman. What you can see below is part of the old Roman wall going around London. The big circular thing in the picture would've been something like a watchtower.

After the Museum of London, we went off to a walking tour, which was part of the Lord Mayor's Parade.
The tour was about Blackfriars, an area of central London. We saw a ton of stuff, including part of the Blackfriars Monastery, a large monastery in London. A monastery is a church building where monks live under religious vows.

We would say that our day out at the Lord Mayor's Parade was totally EXCELLENT!

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