Sunday, November 15, 2015

Camp Nou and Park Guell

Hello everyone! In Barcelona, we went to two awesome places, Camp Nou and Park Guell, and we'd say they were excellent. Park Guell was designed by Antoni Gaudi, the famous architect who built the Sagrada Familia. Park Guell was intended to be a residential community, but work was unsuccessful. It became Barcelona's property in 1923. Below, you can see a mosaic at the entrance of Park Guell.
Below, you can see Park Guell's entrance, truly magnificent. You can see that Gaudi did many mosaics. In the entrance, there is a divided staircase with beautiful fountains and plants in the middle, and a pretty cool looking 3d lizard mosaic. Then you can see a raised platform by doric columns, with an intricate mosaic bench going around. Park Guell only has two of sixty intended houses. One of the houses Gaudi lived in for the last 20 years of his life.
After Park Guell, we took a tour bus up to Camp Nou, FC Barcelona's stadium. There, we took a tour of the stadium. Did you know that camp nou means new stadium in Catalan? FC Barcelona is called Barca by the locals. Below you can see a picture of Barca's logo, with St. George's Cross, the Catalonia flag, and a football. St George's Cross is in the logo because St. George is not only the patron saint of England, but also Catalonia!
Below you can see Barca's huge stadium, which holds around 100,000 people, making it the biggest stadium in Europe, and the 3rd biggest in the world. The time spent building the stadium was 3 years, with over 3 times the budget spent! In 1982 Camp Nou hosted the World Cup.
We'd have to say that Park Guell and Camp Nou were EXCELLENT!

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