Saturday, September 26, 2015

Oxford University

Hey everyone! We've been to some more excellent places, like Oxford University. At Oxford, we took an excellent walking tour around the University. We saw many excellent places, including Radcliffe Camera, a very cool library. It was built for Dr John Radcliffe. Back in the day, libraries had to use candles for light, and that was a danger for books. The Radcliffe Camera, since it is a circle, brings in light from all sides so there won't be any books burning.

During our walking tour, we got to go inside a college inside the University. We went in Queen's College, which was founded in 1341, by Robert de Eglesfield, a chaplain in the household of Queen Philippa. Eglesfield named the college in her honor. Do you know the only two people that can walk on the first quadrangle of a college in Oxford? The answer is the Queen and the gardener.

While we were at Queen's College, we got to go inside the dining hall. In the dining hall, there were many paintings of famous people that attended Queen's College. Behind where the officials of the college sit, there is usually a secret door where they come out.

We walked and saw many other excellent places, and then we had to go have lunch. After, we went into Christ Church, another college in Oxford. Christ Church has a beautiful chapel, and amazing buildings. It was founded by Cardinal Wolsey as Cardinal's College in 1524.

Recognize where this picture is? If you've seen Harry Potter, you might. It is the dining hall in Hogwarts! Did you know that the movie makers of Harry Potter flooded the bottom of Chtist Church for the scene where Pr. McGonagall greets the first years?

All in all I'm going to have to say that Oxford was excellent!

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