Sunday, August 23, 2015


Hi everyone! We've visited some more really cool places we can't wait to tell you about! For starters, we took an excellent walking tour of Cambridge! One of the first things we saw was a chapel at Pembroke College, designed by Christopher Wren, who later designed St. Paul's Cathedral in London.  This was his first architectural work. Pembroke college is the third oldest college at Cambridge.

Next, we went on to Cambridge's latest attraction, the Corpus Clock.  It is an amazing time-telling device given my former student Dr John C Taylor. It has little blue lights in the concentric circles to tell you what time it is. It has the nickname "The Time Eater" to tell you it is eating away minutes. It is plated with pure gold in the front, and it has a strange grasshopper on top.

Then we continued on to King's College and its enormous chapel!  Construction on the chapel started during the reign of Henry VI, was halted, then completed during the reign of Henry VIII. 

Kings College chapel has a magnificent fan vaulted ceiling and original stained glass windows. The chapel was used as a training ground for Oliver Cromwell's troops during the English Civil War. Cromwell was ordering troops to destroy stained glass, but he spared this chapel's. A reason Cromwell might have spared King's College Chapel's windows is because he attended Cambridge University himself.

The astonishing fan vaulted ceiling is the largest in the world!

We then had our first ever cream tea, that is an English classic that includes tea, scones, jam, and clotted cream.  We liked the scone, but next time...hold the tea!

We'd say Cambridge University is an excellent place whether you're touring or attending!

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  1. Hold the tea?! What?! More for me and your mum! Cambridge looks amazing!